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Our best carpet cleaning machines review. TOP 3 Picks of 2016!

No matter how many times you clean your carpet, you do not enjoy the satisfaction of getting the deepest clean possible. This is perhaps because you are not using the best machine available for the purpose. Investing in the best cleaner can easily help you keep the carpets in your home clean and smelling nice. So, let us now go through the really best carpet cleaner machine review, in my opinion of course, and discover which is the ideal machine for your needs.


Vax 6131T Multivax Cleaner

This is an affordable machine that is suitable for basic carpet cleaning, dry vacuuming, and suctioning spills. The Multivax 6131T cleaner has 5 caster wheels and a compact tub design, which makes it easy to move around while cleaning. Owing to its 7.5 meter power cord it allows a 27 centimeter width cleaning capacity, and its 2.5 meters hose length allows you to reach up to18 meters while cleaning.

The Vax 6131T vacuum cleaner comes with a 10 liter bag, which makes it easier for you to vacuum for longer periods without emptying the bag every now and then. The bag is very easy to empty, and thus is very hygienic.

The cleaner also has a water tank with great capacity and can hold 4 liters of both clean and dirty water. It also comes with a fibreflow wash tool, owing to which you can shampoo clean your carpets with absolute ease.

Bissell Cleanview Proheat


This is a perfect choice for you if you suffer from allergy, as it is approved by the British Allergy Foundation. It is proven to reduce allergens like mold spore, pollen and pet dander. It is perfect for medium to large homes and has a great cleaning width of 38 centimeters.

The Bissell Cleanview comes with an in-built water heater, which has a thermostat system that monitors the water temperature when it goes through the cleaner, and keeps it at optimal temperature. This makes sure your carpet is cleaned properly and evenly. Just by touching the switches, you can enjoy different types of cleaning with the Cleanview Proheat cleaner.

Rug Doctor X3 mighty Pro


This Mighty Pro machine is created to clean your home carpets, but to a professional standard. This is why it has achieved the highest ratings from the Carpet and Rug Institute. The great cleaning brush of Rug Doctor offers unparallel convenience of usage and perfect cleaning. It has 3 rows of bristles, to help remove maximum possible amount of dirt from your carpets, while also removing stains.

If you want to enjoy an even easier cleaning experience, you can activate the brush agitator and solution pressure injection. The machine comes with a quick-release latch, which helps empty and refill the water tank very easily. It also has an upholstery kit that includes a 12-inch hose to clean car upholstery, furniture, skirting boards, and staircases. So, together with helping keep your carpets squeaky clean, the Mighty Pro machine serves other purposes too.

These are some of the best carpet cleaners available in the market All of them are equally good, and which one you will opt for is entirely a matter of choice.

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    Steam cleaning actually does not use steam, but uses hot water

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