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Side Effects Of Modern Life: Anxiety Disorder

As working individuals we are faced by situations that test us on a daily basis. There might be some things that we are not comfortable with but have to undertake nonetheless. In such cases the feeling of apprehension coupled with increased heart rate that we experience is known as anxiety. For many people it is a minor thing that they have managed to overcome quickly, we are highly adaptive and can accommodate to a change over a period of time. But there are some activities or issues that might be too big to handle all of a sudden. Such things make the body break down and take up coping mechanism to function properly. The feeling of fear that results as the onset of such activities is what we call as anxiety disorder.

The difference between the two:

While it is normal to experience the former type of anxiety, it is not exactly possible to cope with the latter one on a daily basis. As individuals we are challenged to push our limts and do something that we have never done before, that is part of expanding yourself. The resultant feeling of apprehension might be a little tough on the nerves but can be lived with. They often dissipate when the event is over and we are back to normal. There is an even associated with their cause, and as soon as it is over, the bodily functions return to normal.

The second type, however, is a cause for worry. One has to consult a doctor and start taking medicines to revert the complications. Such high levels of stress occur as a result of an extreme event that is string enough to affect the psyche of an individual. The result is a permanent increase in blood pressure, the feeling of an imoending doom and helplessness to do anything about it. It is coupled with elevated pulse rate and conditions that emulate the symptoms of a heart attack. It becomes immpossible to survive this way for long and unless it is medically attended to, the person might actually suffer a permanent damage.

The factors responsible:

While a general anxiety is something that we all feel, the cause for the latter is unknown. One of the possible reasons that it remains hidden is the host of other problems that it brings along with itself. It masks behind gastrical and cardiac symptoms. It is a nervous breakdown and unless treated medically over a period of time, the chances of recovery are very slim. If there is someone around you who is exhibiting these symptoms, do not take it lightly and advise the person to seek medical help. The patients might also have trouble falling asleep whuch further aggravates the condition.

Posing serious risk:

There is nothing slight about having a panic attack in the middle of the night. It becomes difficult to breathe and those suffering might not be able to call out for help. A recognized patient should not be left alone.

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    Have endured with anxiety and stress off and on all my life

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    I have been afflicted by reduced self-esteem, and anxiety. My worst symptom is a chest pain. I’ve been hiding my disease from my friends. I’m really sensitive and don’t get along with anyone.

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